Practical Peace

By Brooke Hamby

How do you create an EXTRAORDINARY life as a teacher? How do you bring back PASSION to your life, save time, and decrease your stress?

This ultimate handbook contains everything you need to become a happier and more joyful teacher, relieving your stress naturally, saving your most precious resource: time.

Based upon years of research, this guide is finally available NOW at the special price of only $7.95!

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Practical Peace provides you a foundation of strategies and tools so you can create an amazingly beautiful life as a teacher. Based upon my classroom experience and many years of studying balanced and happy teachers, this book offers techniques to alleviate stress and save time you can use the very next day. 


You can train your brain to be happy with easy-to-master techniques! Learn the strategies to create and maintain joy and decrease stress throughout your day no matter the situation.


Creating your ideal classroom enables you to increase your joy! Study up on the way lighting, color, smells, and sounds elevate the mood--both yours and your students--and contribute to learning.


What will you do when things go wrong? When you have the evaluation? Too many meetings? Find out the one hugely impactful technique that will transform your life and eliminate that stress.


Who cares for you as you care for others? Knowing how to care for yourself through creating joy and cultivating gratitude is essential. You'll develop a "100 Most Joyful Things" list and learn how to integrate them into your classroom.

Pen and paper


Joyful teachers know how to use the most successful instruction and classroom-management strategies to elminate stress and grow students. Learn the 3 most effective strategies to reduce your stress and save time.



The best and happiest teachers are the ones that use their strengths on a daily basis. Identify your strengths and implement them everywhere in your classroom.

“Wow! This book is a must-read for teachers at all points in their career to read for encouragement, affirmation, and a renewed sense of why they got into this career to begin with and how to stay in it! ”

Robbie - School Principal and Former Teacher

A Book For All Teachers Everywhere

Wheather you're a novice teacher or a seasoned practitione, happiness with your work and life is what truly matters. If you’re ready to increase the joy and peace in your life, this is The Handbook. Your Handbook.


A Book Based On Research

Practical Peace is based upon classroom experience, field testing, and years of studying balanced and happy teachers. The book provides you a foundation of strategies and tools that will enable you to create an amazingly beautiful life as a teacher. 

A Word From The Author

“My name is Brooke Hamby and I’ve been in education for 20 years. As a teacher with classroom experience from college to pre-K, I’ve mastered many of the things you’re trying to figure out. With field tested techniques and studying happy teachers, Practical Peace offers you the chance have an extraordinary life as a teacher saving you time and decreasing stress.”

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Why put off your happiness? Your happiness in work and life is what truly matters!


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